Southwest Behavioral Health Management, Inc, is a non-profit corporation founded in 1998 by the Southwest Six Counties to provide oversight of the HealthChoices initiative. SBHM, Inc is governed by a Board of Directors made up of MH/MR and Drug and Alcohol Administrators.

  • Supports Executive Management Team with daily operations

  • Coordinates and acts as liaison between Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, County Staff, Corporate Board of Directors, HealthChoices Team Leaders and the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

  • Administers the overall function of the Corporation

Finance Department:
  • Ensures the financial integrity of MCO through financial controls and the production of accurate and timely reports

  • Oversees claims payable, claims processing, statistical analysis, financial reporting and cash management

  • Reviews and monitors HealthChoices budget, which includes both medical claims and administrative expenditures

  • Rate development and ongoing analysis of current rate structure

  • Maintains financial reporting software unique to the SW6 counties

  • Reviews and coordinates responses to all DPW financial correspondence

Management Information System:
  • Ensures Value Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania maintains a comprehensive Management Information System to support the data integrity established by the Commonwealth of PA.

  • Collects and analyzes HealthChoices data to ensure appropriate delivery of services

  • Develops policies and procedures to work towards HIPAA compliance

  • Verifies data on all DPW Reports

  • Manages Corporate WAN/LAN

  • Assists in identifying and defining the need for special projects and initiatives based upon Consumer and County need as well as upon changing State, Local and Federal Initiatives and requirements

  • Develops plans for project development and implementation which utilize and coordinate the resources and expertise within the agencies Clinical, Information Systems (IS) and Financial Departments

  • Assisting Executive Director with County specific priority identification & planning, as well as organizational strategic planning

  • Coordinates efforts, tracks progress and works to identify and resolve any issues, tracks Projects after implementation to assure customer satisfaction as well as outcomes

  • Coordinates with committees, SBHM Management team, BH-MCO, Counties and SCA's in the development, review and approval of projects and initiatives

  • Identifying, coordinating and facilitating training opportunities for County and provider staff to ensure information on new practices, promising programming and best practice models is available across the region

  • Developing, planning, writing and coordinating all aspects of past and current reinvestment plans with Counties;

  • Apply for grants and other funds that may be applicable to proposed projects;

  • Provides Identifying, planning and coordinating necessary training opportunities to enhance the quality of the current services to members, both internally and externally

  • Provides a wide range of management and administrative support activities in the day-to-day resolution of corporate operational issues